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Hi, hi! Hey! I’m Kayla (from Maine), aka Kay, but you can call me Kayla if Kay is weird for you. My dad calls me Rabbit. My grandparents call me my sister’s name half the time. If you yell in my general direction, I will probably answer. It’s whatever.

I grew up in the middle of northern Maine where the moose run free and you can practically smell the potatoes on the morning breeze. (You thought I was going to say lobster, didn’t you?) Tucked away on the Canadian border, life is pretty simple, if a little quiet.

Fun fact–if you spread out the whole population of my county, you’ll encounter a measly ten people every square mile. If you’re a lynx, that’s great! If you’re a person…meh. So naturally, after high school, I decided that I wanted to experience something other than my quiet little town. I hopped a few states down to good old Ohio where I now live in the fifteenth largest city in the United States. Figuring out how to make the switch from small town girl to savvy city woman has been an interesting adventure, to say the least.seniorpicture3

I am currently working my patookie off for a Bachelor of Arts in English (holla back my humanities people). Like most college students, I like delivery pizza, Netflix, hot chocolate, and free food. I scrounge by with the help of a part-time job and the support of some really awesome friends and family. My hobbies include horseback riding, singing, writing, Pinterest (that counts, right?), crafting, guitar, painting, gardening, upcycling, photography, knitting, kayaking, and telling myself I have too many hobbies.

In a couple of months I’ll be gallivanting across Europe and northern Africa, bringing you crazy stories and (hopefully) some awesome photos.

Where is my life going? I have absolutely no idea. Come with me and let’s find out.