5 Reasons to Stay Sane: A Finals Week Reality Check

Ahh finals week is almost upon us. Can’t you smell the stress? Colleges and universities across the country start finals this coming week and some (*cough* mine *cough*) even go halfway through December. #bigschoolprobs I’m sitting here, typing away in my room to the sound of pure silence. Why? Because all residence halls are currently

7 Reasons Why I’m Waiting Until Marriage for Sex

I was talking to a coworker a while back and she asked me something that threw me for a loop. “Why won’t you have sex until you’re married?” Naturally, having grown up in a Christian home and hearing about this particular topic all the time, I knew exactly why. The answer was on the tip

Blind Devotion – Warm and Fuzzies

Sometimes life is hard and it never hurts to take a break and do something that reminds you of the good there is. How else are we going to see it? So, to help, here’s one of my favorite short films. It’s a beautiful reminder of true love in broken situations. If you haven’t seen this

Remembering Simba

I was feeling nostalgic, so here’s a little creative depth for you guys… Sometimes, when I’m walking through campus or by the skyscrapers downtown or in the trendy lobby of my residence hall, when I’m rushed and caught up in my life, I catch a glimpse of something, of someone I’m supposed to know. It’s